Complete Streets

Elizabethtown Borough adopted, in 2014, a Complete Streets Policy with an accompanying checklist.  With the Complete Streets Policy in place, every street that is presented for resurfacing in the annual paving program is evaluated for safe, convenient, and appropriate vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle, ADA, and public transportation activity. 

PA Walk Works Grant Funding 2017-18

In October 2017 Elizabethtown Borough was awarded funding to help develop and adopt a Transportation Plan that supports the Complete Streets Policy of the Borough.  The funding, PA Walk Works, is facilitated by the University of Pittsburgh, Center for Public Health Practice, with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  Elizabethtown Borough worked with Lancaster Civil Engineering Company to develop complete streets concepts that can be applied, when applicable and appropriate, to specific streets slated for resurfacing.

Elizabethtown Borough held a public open house on May 3rd to review proposed complete streets concepts for the following streets - Map:

  • Highlawn Avenue
  • East Willow Street (from S. Mount Joy Street to Radio Road)
  • S. Mount Joy Street (from College Avenue to Groff Avenue)
  • Groff Avenue

Residents on the identified streets received an Open House Invitation and during the open house the Complete Streets Concept Plan 4-23-18 were available for review and comment. After the open house, the draft plan was revised to include the input received at the open house.  In order to make the plan more flexible, the different design options were no longer tied to specific streets and four design options were selected that could be used to address the needs of most streets within the Borough. The revised conceptual were presented at the May 17, 2018 Borough Council meeting. The Complete Streets Presentation at the Borough Council Meeting also included background on the Borough’s Complete Streets Policy and the work that has already been done in association with Complete Streets

At the June 21, 2018 Borough Council meeting the Complete Streets Transportation Plan (Plan) was accepted as a conceptual plan.  The Plan was developed with funding from Pa Walk Works and provides conceptuals that could potentially be used on streets slated to be resurfaced through the Borough’s paving program. The conceptuals, included in the plan, were presented at the May 17, 2018 Borough Council meeting. The Plan does not require the conceptuals to be used on particular streets but provides the Borough street layout options to consider that meet AASHTO and NACTO guidelines.