Missed Trash or Recycling Collection

Please contact the Elizabethtown Borough Office immediately at boro@etownonline.com or (717) 367-1700 if your trash or recycling is missed.  Provide us with 1) your address so that we can provide the information of a missed collection to the hauler and 2) your name and phone number so that the Borough Office may contact you if needed.

If your trash or recycling is missed, please leave the container(s) at the curb so that the hauler can collect it the next day.  Please note that the hauler may collect at your residence at different times on your regular collection day.  Placing your trash and recycling at the curb the night before collection helps to ensure your residence will not be missed.

Please note that trash in containers over 32 gallons in size and weighing more than 30 pounds may not be collected.  Extra trash beyond the two container limit may not be collected without extra service tag(s).

Notifying the Borough Office of missed trash or recycling immediately on the trash collection day or early the next day helps us help you get your missed trash or recycling collected as soon as possible.