Bicycle & Pedestrians

On September 7, 2016, the League of American Bicyclists recognized the Borough of Elizabethtown with a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Business (BFBSM) award.

The Borough encourages bicycling as an easy option for transportation and provides amenities such as conveniently located bicycle racks and bike fix it stations in several locations.  And, to further encourage the walkability and bike ability of the community the Borough is establishing a pedestrian and bicycle pathway network.  The pedestrian and bicycle pathway network in the Borough is a phased planning, design and construction project reflective of the Regional Official Map for Trails adopted in 2010 as part of the Regional Strategic Plan of Conoy Township, Elizabethtown Borough, Mount Joy Township, and West Donegal Township.  Phases I-III are complete.

Points of interest on the pedestrian and bicycle network in Elizabethtown Borough include the Elizabethtown Train Station, Poplar Street Park, the Elizabethtown Public Library and downtown Elizabethtown, and Community Park. The next phase of construction, Phase IV will connect the existing pathway network with Elizabethtown College through the Elizabethtown Area School District campus.

Phase V is designed in partnership with Mount Joy Township to connect Elizabethtown Borough through Mount Joy Township to the popular Conewago Rail Trail.  This phase is in the planning stages and funding sources are being evaluated for applicability.

In addition to the expanded pedestrian and bicycle pathway network, the Borough adopted, in 2014, a Complete Streets Policy with an accompanying checklist.  With the Complete Streets Policy in place, every street that is presented for resurfacing in the annual paving program is evaluated for safe, convenient, and appropriate vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle, ADA, and public transportation activity. 

To complete these projects, the Borough has applied for and received over $3 million in grant funding from a variety of sources, including federal, state, and county funds. For example, the Phase I portion of the pathway received funding from a Lancaster County Urban Enhancement Fund grant and a DCED New Communities Program grant; Phase II was funded by a Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Project grant, a Federal Transportation Administration grant, and a PennDOT grant; Phase III and IV included funding from a Smart Growth Transportation grant and a DCNR C2P2 grant; and, Phase IIIA will be done with Transportation Alternatives Program funding.  In addition to construction funds, Elizabethtown Borough was awarded funding to develop and adopt a Transportation Plan that supports the Complete Streets Policy of the Borough.  This funding, PA Walk Works, was facilitated by the University of Pittsburgh, Center for Public Health Practice, with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 

The Borough believes that investments in pedestrian, bicycle and transit infrastructure helps to bring physical activity into the daily lives of citizens and have a positive impact on their overall health.  The Borough has been constructing a pedestrian and bicycle pathway network reflective of the Official Map for Trails adopted in 2010 as part of the Regional Strategic Plan.  The plan by Elizabethtown Borough and the surrounding municipalities is to create a network of trails that would allow for pedestrian and bicycle traffic to travel throughout the entire community.

Click on the links below to view maps, plans, and sketches of the pathway projects as well as others surrounding Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown Borough Pathways and Parks, November 2017Conewago Rail Trail Map
Elizabethtown Borough Official Map - Pedestrian and Bicycle Pathways, April 2010Masonic Village Walking Path
Regional Official Map - Pedestrian and Bicycle Pathways, April 2010Phase V Concept Plan - Connecting to the Conewago Rail Trail
Northwest Lancaster County River Trail 

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League of American Bicyclists Education ManualPA Bicycle Code-Chapter 35