Curb & Sidewalk Program

When a paving project is planned within the Borough, the Borough performs a sidewalk and curb condition assessment on the streets to be resurfaced to identify areas in need of maintenance and repair. Sections of sidewalk in poor condition are repaired in order to bring the sidewalk in compliance with Federal handicap accessibility standards and to avoid potential injuries and liability due to tripping hazards. Sections of curbing in poor condition are repaired before the roadway resurfacing begins in order to avoid future damage to the new surface from unstable curbing and future maintenance/repairs. Pursuant to Pennsylvania State Law, the PA Borough Code, and the Borough’s Code of Ordinances, the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of curbs and sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner.

Property owners will receive a letter noting the areas in need of repair and/or replacement. The letter will also include a date for having repair and/or replacement work completed. The owner or contactor can perform the repair and/or replacement work once a Curb and Sidewalk Permit has been submitted to the borough.

Should a property owner plan to do curb and sidewalk repair and/or replacement work not related to paving but for property maintenance, a Curb and Sidewalk Permit will still need to be submitted to the borough.

Any curb and sidewalk repair and/or replacement work that is to be done within the borough is to meet the established specifications.