Special Events

On August 15, 2013 Borough Council adopted a special event permitting process for groups and/or citizens wishing to close public streets for special events, such as hosting block parties and using public facilities. The new format is intended to assist community groups with planning special events, in particular with any traffic control, emergency services, or special facilities that may be required for a safe and successful event. For questions or assistance completing the required forms, call the Police Department at 717-367-6540.

Organizations wishing to host community-wide events will need to complete a Special Events Permit and, if a cross-street banner is planned, the Cross-Street Banner application. Please contact the Borough Office at 717-367-1700 if you need assistance filling out the forms.  

Ordinance No. 950 - Special Event Permits

Special Events -- Application Form

Special Events -- Waiver of Liability Form

Special Events -- Traffic Control Training Verification Form

Special Events -- Rules & Regulations