Sewer Backups

While not the norm, sewer backups do occur on occasion with unexpected blockages of sewer laterals or the sewer main. If you experience a backup, contact either the WWTP at (717) 367-1585 during regular business hours or the Police Department at (717) 367-1835 for after-hour emergencies. In response, the Wastewater Department will inspect to determine the reason for the backup and address the issue if located in the sewer main. The department cameras sewer mains and conducts flushing of the sewer lines as a preventative measure. However, there are many factors that can lead to a sewer line blockage. When the situation permits, residents will be notified in advance with instructions for precautionary measures to take when wastewater plant personnel are planning to flush sewer lines.

It is important for residents to be aware that under the Pennsylvania Governmental Immunity Statute, the Borough has limited legal responsibility for sewer backups. Residents are advised to contact their homeowners or commercial insurance agent to make sure adequate coverage is in place for sewer or water backups. Some policies do not automatically cover these back-ups, and the Borough recommends you purchase an adequate level of this valuable coverage.