Sewer & Trash Billing

Utility Billing and Payment

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Sewer and trash bills are mailed to the postal address on the account however a resident may request to receive the bills via email.  To do so please click here and fill out the request form. This form can then be sent as an attachment to an email, printed and personally delivered, or printed and mailed to the Borough Office. The address for the Borough is: Elizabethtown Borough, 600 South Hanover Street, Elizabethtown PA 17022. Emailed forms can be sent to:  

Sewer Billing

  • 1st Quarter: Usage months January through March - Utility bills mailed by April 1st and payment due by May 1st.
  • 2nd Quarter: Usage months April through June - Utility bills mailed by July 1st and payment due by August 1st.
  • 3rd Quarter: Usage months July through September - Utility bills mailed by October 1st and payment due by November 1st.
  • 4th Quarter: Usage months October through December - Utility bills mailed by January 1st and payment due by February 1st.

Sewer Rates
Ordinance No. 971 established quarterly sewer rates effective January 1, 2016 as follows:

  • (1) Residential $92 per unit
  • (2) Commercial $.0081 per gallon – minimum charge $92

Trash and Recycling Billing

  • Usage January through June - Trash billing mailed by January 1 and payment due by February 1st. 
  • Usage July through December - Trash billing mailed by July 1 and payment due by August 1st. *
    * Customers that paid the full year in January will not receive a second trash bill.

Trash & Recycling Collection Fees

  • Annual fee is $160 per unit ($80 payments in January and July). A discount of $8 is applied if the full annual amount is paid in full in January.