Residential Rental Unit Licensing Program

Residential Rental Unit Licensing and Inspection Program

Elizabethtown Borough administers a Residential Rental Unit Licensing and Inspection Program. All residential rental units are issued an annual license upon submitting a completed application. Periodic inspections of all residential rental units in the Borough are conducted by a Codes Compliance Official in accordance with the Borough's Existing Structures and Property Maintenance Code.

Residential Rental Unit Licensing and Inspection Program Ordinance

Residential Rental Unit License Application


(The areas or items indicated in the following list shall not be construed to prevent the enforcement of other ordinances or regulations which prescribe standards to be met.)


  • All exterior doors must be lockable
  • Rental units separated from each other by locked doors
  • Minimum of two electrical outlets or one outlet and one light fixture per room
  • GFCI outlet protection where required
  • No electrical hazards (exposed wires, missing outlet/switch covers, etc.)
  • Minimum one window per room must work properly
  • Emergency doors/windows may not be locked
  • No broken glass panes
  • All windows on ground level must be lockable
  • Ceilings, floors and walls free of hazardous defects
  • Bedrooms must meet minimum size requirements for number of occupants
  • A second means of egress from any bedroom
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms must have a door
  • Working smoke alarms as required (one per level plus one per bedroom)
  • All kitchen appliances in operating condition
  • Hot and cold running water at all fixtures
  • No mold in bathroom(s)
  • Toilet flushes and shuts off properly
  • Bathtub sealed where it meets walls and floor
  • At least one working fan vent or one properly working window in bathrooms
  • Heat system capable of maintaining a minimum of 65 degrees in all living areas
  • Heat system vented through a stack in good condition
  • Electrical panel must have a door and no open breaker slots
  • Water heater T&P valve fitted with an extension to within six inches of floor
  • No extensive insect or rodent issues
  • No leaking sanitary sewer pipes
  • Clothes dryers vented outside the residence
  • Unit must be free of accumulated garbage or debris
  • Interior stairs free from hazards (loose handrails, loose steps, obstructions, etc.)
  • Carbon monoxide detectors installed when/where required


  • Foundation structurally sound
  • Porch/deck structurally sound
  • Handrails and guards where required
  • House address numbers of proper size (4 inches) visible from the street
  • Rain gutters where required – downspouts attached – all in good condition
  • No missing siding or roof materials
  • Chimney in good condition


  • Weeds and grass a maximum height of six (6) inches
  • Garbage stored outside of unit in a covered container
  • Walkways and steps – no trip hazards – handrails where required
  • Outbuildings and garages in good repair
  • All vehicles must be licensed & registered (except inside a garage)


  • Limit of three (3) unrelated persons residing in a rental unit
  • Unit must be free of unsanitary conditions
  • All elevators must have a current inspection certificate
  • Unit must be free of any other hazard not specifically identified previously