Street Openings

Any person working in the vicinity of a Borough street who disturbs or causes damage to the street is required to obtain a permit and correct the damage in accordance with Borough standards. An application to tunnel or excavate on a public street or in a right-of-way is to be submitted at least three days prior to the start of work.

Emergency breaks or leaks may be repaired and a permit secured within the next working day, and such permit shall be retroactive to the date when the work was begun. A person performing street openings for an emergency must verify the emergency nature of the circumstances in writing to the Borough within five days after such emergency.

Any applicant who wishes to open a street within five years from the time a street has been resurfaced may obtain a street-opening permit to excavate provided that a street degradation fee is applied and paid in full prior to the acquisition of the street-opening permit. To know if this fee would apply please refer to the bonded streets information that is provided below.

To review the application and a list of bonded streets please click on the links below: