Police Department

Chief of Police Edward M. Cunningham, Jr. oversees 17 full time police officers.

In an emergency, dial 911

For non-emergency calls, the police department dispatch center can be reached by calling (717) 367-1835.

You may contact the police department during regular business hours (M-F, 7:30 AM - 4 PM) at (717) 367-6540 or by email at etownpd@etownpolice.org.

Fax number: (717) 367-2332

Number for reaching staff extensions: (717) 367-6540.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Edward M. Cunningham Chief of Police Ext. 251
Shane Deardorff Lieutenant Ext. 243
Gordon Berlin Corporal Ext. 234
Jesse Schlotzhauer Corporal Ext. 239
Matthew Shuey Detective Ext. 249
Dustin Ryan Detective Ext. 253
S.Evan Bigler Officer Ext. 260
Joseph Grego Officer Ext. 236
Blake Innocent Officer Ext 241
Jacob Kadilak Officer Ext. 235
Alex Leonard Officer Ext. 233
Michael Lyons Officer Ext. 245
Luann Pearson Officer Ext. 242
Alex Reed Officer Ext. 244
Richard Regel Officer Ext. 240
Gregory Riehl Officer Ext. 246
E. Daniel Wengiel Officer Ext. 261
Jill Risser Secretary Ext. 232
Lynn Mohr Secretary Ext. 231