How do I get rid of grass clippings and other yard waste such as twigs and small branches?

The borough encourages backyard composting or following the "let it lay" rule after mulching with the mower. Yard waste, such as twigs and small branches, may be collected in a trash container (32-gallons or less in size) and placed curbside for pickup on a yard waste collection day. Curbside collection of yard waste is every other week on the same days as trash and recycling collection. A schedule of special collection days is posted on the website.

Branches should be placed in a container or tied with string in bundles up to 20" in diameter and less than 4' in length and set at the curb.  Bundles or containers should weigh no more than 30 pounds.

If a resident choses to use a non-disposable container or can it must be labelled with a yard waste sticker. Free yard waste stickers are available at the Borough Office during regular business hours.