Code Enforcement

The Borough employs a full time Codes Compliance Official to handle a wide variety of residential complaints. The Codes Compliance Official is in the office Monday through Friday, most mornings, or by appointment. The Codes Compliance Official can be reached by calling the Borough office at (717) 367-1700.

As of January 1, 2002, the Borough invoices residents for the Codes Compliance Official's time. When the Codes Compliance Official responds to a complaint, there is a minimum $35 inspection fee.  If a resident calls with a complaint, and the complaint turns out invalid upon inspection, the resident that filed the complaint will be charged the inspection fee. If the complaint results in the discovery of a code or ordinance violation, the owner of the property in violation will be charged the inspection fee. This fee does not apply to calls requesting zoning and building permit information. It only applies to matters pertaining to the Existing Structures and Property Maintenance Code.

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