I own a building downtown with two residential units upstairs and one commercial business on the first floor. The building has less than four units. Is this building required to be on the program?

Buildings with a mixed use of commercial (not including home occupations) and residential are considered commercial. Even though the building may have less than four units, it is not required to participate in the Borough's trash and recycling program because it is considered commercial, not residential. However, the property owner may choose to participate in the program. If so, after contacting the Borough, the property owner will be billed the $216 annual fee per unit. All units in the building, including the commercial unit, must be included.

If you register, trash and recycling services will be provided following a 30 day processing period. The processing period begins when signed applications are received at the Elizabethtown Borough Office. This agreement to receive trash and recycling services may be cancelled by providing notice in writing to Elizabethtown Borough prior to a) June 1st for services to be received July 1 to December 31 or b) December 1st for services to be received January 1 to June 31 of the next calendar year. 

If you do not utilize the Borough's program, you are still required to provide trash and recycling services to your property.