Fall Street Paving

The following streets are scheduled to be paved in 2019:

  • Cherry Street (Spruce Street to end)
  • Lemon Street (Market Street to end)
  • South Mount Joy Street (College Avenue to Groff Avenue)
  • Washington Street (Market Street to Poplar Street)

Each year the Borough's Public Works crew spends the summer before paving begins replacing sanitary sewer lines, installing storm sewers, and monitoring curb and sidewalk installation. The Elizabethtown Area Water Authority replaces water lines and hydrants as required.  Property owners are notified at least a year in advance of all paving projects and are notified again in the spring before paving begins. The spring notice contains the amounts of curb and sidewalk the property owners need to install or replace.

Each year the Borough’s Public Works crews also flush sewer lines in selected areas of town in preparation for the annual street paving project. Once flushing is complete, sewer lines are examined via camera to identify areas requiring repairs. While back-ups during the flushing process are not the norm, they occasionally do occur. With the possible exception of an emergency, residents will be notified prior to the flushing exercise, and it is recommended residents take extra precautions such as closing the toilet bowl lid and placing a towel or plastic wrap over the bowl. It is also important for residents to be aware that under the Pennsylvania Governmental Immunity Statute, the Borough has limited legal responsibility for sewer backups. Residents are advised to contact their homeowners or commercial insurance agent to determine if their policy includes sewer or water backups.