Transient Retail Business

A permit is required for any door-to-door sales, there are some exceptions for certain groups (see ordinance).

There is a $15 fee for the permit processing and an additional $10 fee for a background check, or in lieu of the $10 background check fee, the applicant can be responsible for getting their own background check through the Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH) program.  In all cases, the applicant must show proof that the PATCH background check was completed prior to the permit being issued.  The PATCH background check must have been completed within six (6) months of the date of application of permit.

Visit the Solicitors Permits Granted page for details of individuals issued permits from the Elizabethtown Police Department for door-to-door sales.

Click here to view the ordinance. You can also click here to view the Transient Retail Business Permit Application Packet.