Zoning/Construction Code Permit

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Rental Permit Information

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Special Events Permits/Information

On August 15, 2013 Borough Council adopted a special event permitting process for groups and/or citizens wishing to close public streets for special events, such as hosting block parties and using public facilities. The new format is intended to assist community groups with planning special events, in particular with any traffic control, emergency services, or special facilities that may be required for a safe and successful event. For questions or assistance completing the required forms, call the Police Department at 717-367-6540.

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Cross-Street Banner Policy/Application

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Other Code and Permit Information

The Borough employs two part time Codes Compliance Officials to handle a wide variety of residential complaints. The Codes Compliance Officials are in the office Monday through Friday, most mornings, or by appointment. The Codes Compliance Officials can be reached by calling the Borough office at (717) 367-1700.

As of January 1, 2002, the Borough will invoice residents for the Codes Compliance Official's time. When the Codes Compliance Officials go out to follow up on a complaint, there will be a $25/hr. charge, with a $25 minimum charge per call. If a resident calls with a complaint, and the complaint turns out invalid, the resident that called with the complaint will be charged the fee. If the complaint results in the discovery of a code or ordinance violation, the owner of the property in violation will be charged the fee. This fee does not apply to calls requesting zoning and building permit information. It only applies to matters pertaining to the Existing Structures and Property Maintenance Code.

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Would you like to view a copy of the Zoning Map? It is available here to download for reference only. It is provided as a general guide, but may not reflect the most current updates. Please contact the Borough Office for specific information concerning a particular property.  To view a copy of the Flood Plain Map click here.  This map is also for reference only.  If the property is in a flood way, please contact the Codes Office at 717-367-1700 for further clarification.

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When the PDF opens, open the "Bookmarks" if it is not already visible and just click the + next to "Chapters" and choose the chapter you need to view.  Zoning is Chapter 27.

This version is current up to December 18, 2014. There may be changes that are not reflected in the current download. Please contact the Borough Office for up-to-date information.

Please be aware that we are continually adopting new Ordinances. Please contact the Borough Office to make sure the one you are referring to is the most current Ordinance.

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