Curbside Recycling

Recycle Bins / Stickers

For your convenience, the Borough Office supplies, free of charge, 8" circle Recycling symbol stickers to be used on containers that do not have the recycling symbol already printed on them. The green recycling bins are no longer available at the Borough Office. You may continue to use them for your recycling collection or you may use any plastic container - 32 gallons or less and weighing no more than 30 pounds - that has a Recycling symbol sticker adhered. This means you may even use a full size trash can with a lid if you choose.  8" Circle Recycling symbol stickers are available to residents at the Borough Office between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm. If you are using a tub or container that does not have the symbol on it, we encourage you to stop in for your stickers.

Brandt's Farm Supply, located at 601 E High Street, Elizabethtown carries recycling containers and several different 32 gallon trash containers! If you purchase one of the larger containers for your recycling that do not already have the recycling symbol on it, Brandt's will give you two Recycling symbol stickers for that container!

Recyclable Materials

Recyclable materials (glass, plastics, aluminum, steel cans, newspapers, paper, paperboard, and magazines, etc.) are collected curbside. The Borough offers single stream recycling so all recyclables can be combined into one container.  Simply place the items in your recycling container and put it out beside your trash.

Cardboard for recycling is also accepted at the curb and will be picked up with your other recyclables.  Residents may put any size of cardboard out with their recycling, but it MUST be flat. It also must be easy for loaders to handle. If it will not fit in your recycling container, a stack can be placed at the curb beside your recycling container, but please bundle it so pieces don't blow away or slip when the loader picks it up. Pizza boxes, office paper and other recyclables may be placed in your recycle bin.

Please click here to view the recycling flyer for more information.